Dagger Tusk (Unit)
Dagger unfer
Unit Information
Stats: Attack Power: 13 (+ 2.25 / level)
Attack Speed: 0.68
Health: 475 (+ 80 / level)
Armor: 6
Movement Speed: 2.85
Gold: Bullets-coin6.3 (+ 0.28 / level)
Experience: 16.19 (+ 0.69 / level)
Member of: Dagger camp Dagger Tusk Camp


Critical Hit Chance: 25%

Bestial Frenzy:

This unit has increased Attack Speed when at low Health.

Attack Speed: + 50%

Health Remaining: 50%

BuffIcon-Ability-Creep-NightBonus Night Ferocity:

This unit has increased Attack Power at Night.

Attack Power: + 30% at Night


A weak monster with a vicious bite that can critically strike.


Patch History:Edit

Dagger Tusks now have Frenzy: upon falling below half health, they gain greatly increased Attack Speed.

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