Default Bataar Skin
Item Information
Description: The Default Bataar Skin is standard and free for every player who owns Sins of a Dark Age.
Cost: None. Default Skins are free.

For the article on Bataar as a Hero, see: HeroCloseupLarge-Warden-Default Bataar.

Crafting Components:Edit

None. Default Skin.

Unique Notes:Edit

Added dust effect for Khagas and Bataar skins.

Spawning Animation:Edit

Idle Animation:Edit

Walking Animation:Edit

Basic Attack:Edit

Critical Attack:Edit

Death Animation:Edit


Patch History:Edit

Added Hero Trait screenshot
Added dust effect for Khagas and Bataar skins.
Added Staff Slam Hit sound effect for Bataar.

See Also:Edit

HeroCloseupLarge-Warden-Default Bataar (Hero Overview)

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