Demonic Pact
Item Information
Stats: + 100 Special Power
+ 450 Health
Cost: Bullets-coin.png4250 (1000)
Refund: Bullets-coin.png2975
Limit: 1


Earning a kill or assist on an enemy hero provides you with increased Health Regeneration for an extended duration.

Total Heal: 200

Passive Duration: 20


Sacrifice a percentage of your current Health to make yourself or target enemy hero invulnerable for a short duration. While this effect is active the target has reduced Movement Speed, cannot attack, and is Silenced.

Slow: 50%

Duration: 3

90.0 sec Cooldown


Wizard Scepter Wizard Scepter Bullets-coin.png1875

Belt of Vigor Belt of Vigor Bullets-coin.png1375


Few escape the clutches of a demon, though there are those who embrace it.

Patch History:

Former Passive:
On enemy hero kill or assist, gain increased Health Regeneration for a long duration.

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