Direbone Khagas
Item Information
Rarity: Mythical Skin
Cost: $7.99

Crafting Components:Edit

HeroSkinRecipe-Marksman-Bone-SmallIcon Recipe: Direbone Khagas (x 1)

Ingredient-SnowbeastScalp-SmallIcon Snowbeast Scalp (x 9)

Ingredient-HydraSinew-SmallIcon Hydra Sinew (x 3)

Ingredient-FireboarsPitch-SmallIcon Fireboar's Pitch (x 2)

Ingredient-ValkrynSkull-SmallIcon Valkryn Skull (x 5)

Ingredient-BoneDust-SmallIcon Bone Dust (x 5)


Mountains of bone lie beneath the northern cliffs, prowled by creatures born of nightmare.

Unique Notes:Edit

Has unique voice.

Has unique ability sounds.


Patch History:Edit

Added Hero Trait screenshot
Added dust effect for Khagas and Bataar skins.
Added new Direbone Khagas skin with unique art and sound.

See Also:Edit

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