Reward: 150 gold, all wave minions in the middle lane are replaced by Divine Lost Army soldiers, archers, and healers

Time Limt: 8 minutes

Quest InfoEdit

Claim a beacon to lead a spectral commander to the gate between realms, so he may summon the Divine Lost Army - a legion that once fought for the gods before they disappeared, and the heavens themselves were shattered.


In Divine Lost Army you must escort four Heaven Commanders to their divine gates across the map.

To do so, you must first right click on one of the two beacons that spawn next to your Keep. Once a beacon is acquired the Heaven Commander will follow you. Lead him through the jungle to one of the nodes that flash green on your map.

Successfully escort four Heaven Commanders and you will win the quest, temporarily gaining stronger wave minions in your middle lane.

Vexie can use her Re-Size ability (Hotkey Q) on Heaven Commanders to help boost ther speed.

Torrace is great at harassing enemy Heaven Commanders. If you notice an enemy Heaven Commander is being delivered to a gate, you can use Torrace's Bombardment ability to prevent him from disappearing. All damage interrupts the Commander's casting effect, but this ability is especially effective!

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