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Reward: 150 gold

Time Limt: 8 minutes

Quest Info

Claim a beacon to lead a spectral commander to a Gate so that they may return to their homeland and bring back an army to aid your cause.


The Divine Lost Army Quest is a quest in which you escort a Heavenly Commander to a quest objective in which he gets summoned into the Heavens.

Two beacons (look like cool shiny metal towers next to the Commanders) spawn next to your keep. You have to escort this Commander through the jungle to nodes which appear as yellow/gold icons on your minimap.

Escort four of these and you win the quest, yielding you visually distinctive melee and archers for a few waves in the middle lane.

Vexie can use her Re-Size ability (Hotkey Q) on the Heavenly Commander to help boost his speed.

Torrace is great at harassing enemy Heavenly Commanders. If you can tell that an enemy Heavenly Commander is trying to access the node (the swirly waypoint quest objective,) you can use his level 6 (Hotkey R) from far away on this point and prevent him from completing the objective. Damage interrupts the Commander's casting effect, but this one is especially effective!