The Horen Berserker

A reckless warrior who revels in the chaos of battle. He fears no enemy, no matter how numerous they may be.


Drengar is a berserker from the frozen north. Adopting the guise of the valkryn, a race of fierce creatures revered by his tribe, he fights with unmatched savagery - blood dripping from his dual blades.



Berserker Rage

Passive: Damaging enemies with abilities earns Drengar Rage. When his Rage bar is full he goes berserk, gaining increased Attack Speed and Movement Speed for a short duration. Drengar rapidly loses Rage if he has not gained any within a short duration.


Lunging Sweep

Drengar sweeps his blades, attacking all enemies in an arc in front of him and dealing Physical Damage. If at least one enemy is damaged he gains Rage.


Intimidating Leap

Drengar leaps across the battlefield, dealing Physical Damage to all enemies where he lands. If at least one enemy is damaged he gains Rage.


Furious Attacks

Passive: Drengar gains Attack Power for each level of Furious Attacks, plus additional Attack Power based on his current Rage.

Active: For a short time each of Drengar's basic attacks generates Rage. The bonus Attack Power granted by Furious Attacks is also doubled for the duration.



Drengar's bloodlust overwhelms him, granting a large amount of Rage and removing all Stun, Root, and Slow effects. Drengar additionally earns bonus Armor and Magic Resistance for a short duration.


Drengar's Base Stats 1-15
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
604 (1.7/s) 701 (1.9/s) 799 (2.1/s) 896 (2.3/s) 994 (2.5/s) 1091 (2.7/s) 1189 (2.9/s) 1286 (3.1/s) 1384 (3.3/s) 1481 (3.5/s)
Armor 21 24 27 31 34 38**** 41**** 44**** 48**** 51****
Magic Resistance 33 34 36 37 39 40**** 42**** 43**** 45**** 46****
Resilience 0%*
Movement Speed 3.12**
Attack Power 60*** 63*** 67*** 70*** 74*** 77*** 81*** 84*** 88*** 91***
Attack Speed 0.68** 0.70** 0.73** 0.76** 0.79** 0.81** 0.84** 0.87** 0.90** 0.93**
Critical Strike

0.0%* (80%)*

Armor Penetration

0%* (0)*

Life Steal

0%* (0)*

Attack Range 0.9*
Mana (Regen) 0* (0.0/s)*
Special Power 0*
Cooldown Reduction 0.0%*
Magic Penetration 0%* (0)*
Spell Vamp 0%*
* denotes a static value that does not scale with level and is only affected by items, buffs, or abilities
** is affected by Berserker's Rage passive
*** is affected by Furious Attacks
**** is affected by Unstoppable


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