Earthshaker Maul
Item Information
Stats: + 35 Attack Power
+ 575 Health
Cost: Bullets-coin3730 (625)
Refund: Bullets-coin2611
Limit: 1


Slam the maul into the ground to slow nearby enemies' Attack Speed and Movement Speed for a short duration.

Enemy Attack Speed: -54%

Slow: + 35%

Active Duration: 2.0

Cooldown: 60.0


Every few basic attacks you will apply a Slow to your target.

Attacks to trigger: 2

Slow: + 35%

Passive Duration: 1.5


ItemIcon-PendulumAxe-NormalPendulum Axe Bullets-coin1250

ItemIcon-BasicMaxHitPointsSmall-NormalBracelet of Vigor Bullets-coin525

ItemIcon-OnHitSlow-Normal Frosty Mace Bullets-coin1330


The earth trembles beneath those who wield the shatter-maul.

Patch History:Edit

Combine cost reduced to Bullets-coin625 from Bullets-coin745 (total cost unchanged)
Attack Power increased to 35 from 30
Health increased to 575 from 550
No longer grants +25 Armor

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