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==Material Required for Crafting:==
==Material Required for Crafting:==
[[Recipe: Empathic Bonds]] (x 1)
[[Recipe: Empathic Bonds|<span style="color:#7a9300;">Recipe: Empathic Bonds</span>]] (x 1)
[[Bloodstone (Crafting)]] (x 7)
[[Bloodstone (Crafting)]] (x 7)

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Singing stones transfer healing magic from one hand to another.


Rare Gear


Healing spells cast on allies restore hit points to yourself proportional to the amount of healing done.

Heal: 10%

Gear Point Cost:

1 Gear Point

Material Required for Crafting:

Recipe: Empathic Bonds (x 1)

Bloodstone (Crafting) (x 7)

Bronze Plate (x 2)

Conductive Wire (x 1)

Listing on Steam Market:

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