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Empathic Bonds
Item Information
Rarity: Rare Gear
Cost: 1 Gear Point
Market: [1]


Healing spells cast on allies restore Health to yourself proportional to the amount of healing done.

Heal: 10%

Material Required for Crafting:

HeroGearRecipe-Symbiont-SmallIcon Recipe: Empathic Bonds (x 1)

Ingredient-Bloodstone-SmallIcon Bloodstone (x 7)

Ingredient-BronzePlate-SmallIcon Bronze Plate (x 2)

Ingredient-ConductiveWire-SmallIcon Conductive Wire (x 1)


Blood-red stones amplify healing magic.


Patch History:

Lore changed to Blood-red stones amplify healing magic.
Former lore: Singing stones transfer healing magic from one hand to another.

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