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The Seeker

A quick, evasive support hero who guides his friends through the forest.


Unlike most fae Ermuk would prefer a life outside of the forest, full of wine, dance, merriment, and song. Drawn back to his home to serve as a scout in the looming conflict, he is willing to fight for coin or ale.



Refuge In Nature

Passive: While resting in brush, Ermuk gains bonus Cooldown Reduction and Mana Regeneration.


Flying Kick

Ermuk leaps toward the targeted enemy, knocking them over and dealing Magic Damage. He takes a short hop backwards after the collision.


Helping Hand

Ermuk's targeted ally is healed and gains bonus Movement Speed for a short duration. If cast on a target other than himself, Ermuk gains bonus Movement Speed as well.


Razor Vine Trap

Ermuk places a linear trap at the target location. Enemies who pass over the trap take Magic Damage and suffer reduced Armor and Magic Resistance for a short duration.


Forest Guide

Ermuk grants increased Movement Speed to himself, nearby allied heroes and their pets. While active, his vision is not blocked by brush or line of sight.


Ermuk's Base Stats 1-15
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
Magic Resistance
Resilience 0%*
Movement Speed
Attack Power
Attack Speed
Critical Strike

0.0%* (80%)*

Armor Penetration

0%* (0)*

Life Steal

0%* (0)*

Attack Range
Mana (Regen)
Special Power 0*
Cooldown Reduction 0.0%*
Magic Penetration 0%* (0)*
Spell Vamp 0%*
* denotes a static value that does not scale with level and is only affected by items, buffs, or abilities


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Ermuk's description prior to 36403 was A fae who prefers life outside of the forest, Ermuk sees beauty in wine, dance, merriment, and song. Guiding humanity through the fae-touched wilderness, he has proven a wily hero, willing to fight for coin or ale.