The Seeker

A fae who prefers life outside of the forest, Ermuk sees beauty in wine, dance, merriment, and song. Guiding humanity through the fae-touched wilderness, he has proven a wily hero, willing to fight for coin or ale.

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Refuge In Nature

Passive: While resting in brush, Ermuk gains bonus Cooldown Reduction and Mana Regeneration.


Flying Kick

Ermuk leaps toward the targeted enemy, knocking them over and dealing Magic Damage. He takes a short hop backwards after the collision.


Helping Hand

Ermuk's targeted ally is healed and gains bonus Movement Speed for a short duration. If cast on a target other than himself, Ermuk gains bonus Movement Speed as well.


Razor Vine Trap

Ermuk places a linear trap at the target location. Enemies who pass over the trap take Magic Damage and suffer reduced Armor and Magic Resistance for a short duration.


Forest Guide

Ermuk grants increased Movement Speed to himself, nearby allied heroes and their pets. While active, his vision is not blocked by brush or line of sight.  

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Default Ermuk

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Bloodrop Ermuk

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Prowler Ermuk

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Ermuk Abilities

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