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New to patch 38724 is the Fellowship Bundle program.


As free to play is coming May 8th, now is the perfect time to send a Fellowship Bundle to any friends who may be interested in the game. More info here!


  • Send a Fellowship Bundle to your friend and they will receive two free gifts. If they reach level 10 you will also gain a bonus Virtue level. Earn exclusive content from higher Virtue levels!
  • A Fellowship Bundle contains 2 chests: one that your friend can open once they reach level 2 and one that they can open once they reach level 10.
  • You can only ever have open one Fellowship Bundle.
  • Note: You can only send Fellowship Bundles to friends who have not yet logged into Sins of a Dark Age. Think of it as a quasi-refer a friend program as an incentive to get your friends to play. Once they log in, they will no longer be eligible for the bundle, so send a bundle to any of your friends who may be interested in Soada before they log in!


To participate in the Fellowship Bundle program, you need yourself (the giver) and another player (the receiver) who has not yet logged into Sins of a Dark Age.

Note: Both the person that gives the Fellowship Bundle (the giver) and the person that receives the Fellowship Bundle (the receiver) must eventually own Sins of a Dark Age to get the benefits of the bundle. Otherwise the giver will not be able to send bundles, and the receiver will not be able to unpack the chests contained in the bundle.

The Fellowship Bundle program as seen from the Giver's point of view:

2014-07-29 00001

1. You (the giver) first must boot up Soada and then open up your friends list in the bottom left hand corner. The receiver has to be your friend to receive the bundle. In this example, we will give the bundle to player "Totally Not Manny."

2014-07-29 00002

2. Right click the receiver's name to open up interaction options.

2014-07-29 00003

3. Click "Request Fellowship"

2014-07-29 00004

4. Verify that you want to send the fellowship to the receiver and press "Send."

2014-07-29 00005

5. A "Success" message will appear if it went through.

The Fellowship Bundle program as seen from the Receiver's point of view:


1. Check your Steam inventory to verify that you have received the bundle. (You may or may not get a Steam notification.)

2014-07-29 00001a

2. Boot up Soada, go to Profile->Inventory and either search for "Fellowship" or click "Bundle" under "Advanced Filters." Once the Fellowship Bundle is found, press "Unpack."

2014-07-29 00002a

3. Open the bundle.

2014-07-29 00003a

Once opened, you should receive your two Fellowship Bundle Chests!

2014-07-29 00004a

The Introductory Fellowship Chest requires you to be level 2 to use.

2014-07-29 00005a

The Honored Fellowship Chest requires you to be level 10 to use.

The giver can give out as many Fellowship Bundles as he or she wishes, but will only get a benefit if the receiver gets to level 10.

Once the receiver becomes level 10, the giver will get a Virtue Level.

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