Frostbite Wand
Item Information
Stats: + 55 Special Power
+ 300 Mana
+ 1.8 Mana/sec
+ 10% Cooldown Reduction
Cost: Bullets-coin3370 (775)
Refund: Bullets-coin2359
Limit: 1


Target friendly hero gains bonus Armor for every enemy hero detected nearby. Their basic attacks also deal bonus Magic Damage and Slow their target for a short duration.

Active Duration: 8

Armor (per hero detected): + 5.0

Magic Damage: 40

Slow: 30%

Slow Duration: 2

Radius: 5.0

Cooldown: 60.0


ItemIcon-WiseMentor-Normal Hoarfrost Pendant Bullets-coin1200

ItemIcon-ClarityOfThought-Normal Clarity of Thought Bullets-coin1395


At the sight of this ancient wand, your blood runs cold.

Patch History:Edit

Renamed to Frostbite Wand from FrostBite Wand.

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