Gilded Lantern
Item Information
Rarity: Mythical Gear
Cost: 1 Gear Point
Market: [1]


Gold/sec: + 0.2

Wards you place grant you a stacking bonus to Passive Gold Income.

Total Gold Earned: 25

Duration: 180

Enemy wards you destroy are worth additional gold.

Ward Bounty: + 10

Material Required for Crafting:Edit

HeroGearRecipe-WardReaper-SmallIcon Recipe: Gilded Lantern (x 1)

Ingredient-BottledSprite-SmallIcon Bottled Sprite (x 4)

Ingredient-GoldIngot-SmallIcon Gold Ingot (x 3)

Ingredient-FaerieDust-SmallIcon Faerie Dust (x 3)


A lamp that lights the way to wealth.


Patch History:Edit

Gear Point Cost: 1 Gear Point
Now grants Passive Gold Income: + 0.2 Gold/sec
Gear Point Cost: 2 Gear Points

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