Gold start


Gold is earned both passively and earned by defeating monsters in the jungle, last-hitting wave minions (which is shared among nearby allies), killing enemy players, and completing Quests.

Initial Gold:

Each player starts a match with Bullets-coin 550.

This amount can be increased to Bullets-coin 600 with the HeroGear-Merchant-SmallIcon Traveling Chest Hero Gear.

Passive Gold Income:

The passive Gold Income rate is 1.5 Bullets-coin/sec.

This amount can be increased to 1.8 Bullets-coin/sec with the HeroGear-Merchant-SmallIcon Traveling Chest Hero Gear.

When you have the HeroGear-WardReaper-SmallIcon Gilded Lantern Hero Gear equipped, wards you place grant you a stacking bonus to Passive Gold Income and enemy wards you destroy are worth additional gold.

You can increase your Gold income per second by buying any of these items:

ItemIcon-MerchantsLedger-Normal Merchant's Ledger +0.6 Bullets-coin/sec

ItemIcon-MerchantsVest-Normal Merchant's Vest +0.6 Bullets-coin/sec

ItemIcon-MerchantsWineSkin-Normal Merchant's Wine Skin +0.6 Bullets-coin/sec

ItemIcon-ScryingMirror-Normal Scrying Mirror +0.6 Bullets-coin/sec

Shared Gold Mechanic:

A unique feature in Sins of a Dark Age is the Shared Gold Mechanic, which allows for nearby teammates to earn gold even when they aren't the last hitter. The last hitter always receives the full value but any nearby ally heroes will split a separate pool. This change allows for more gold income for Support heroes and less team in-fighting over last hit gold.

In the screenshot below, the HeroCloseupLarge-Trickster-Default-Normal Vexie player is getting the last hit and getting 25 Gold.

Vexie last hit

However in this screenshot, a nearby HeroCloseupLarge-Mandrake-Default-Normal Beroth ally is getting the last hit on the minion, but Vexie is still getting Gold because of the Shared Gold Mechanic.

Beroth last hit

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