Haste is a traversal glyph that increases your Movement Speed, allowing you to quickly dart in and out of battle.


You gain increased Movement Speed and ignore unit collision for a moderate duration.


Level 2:Edit


Haste - Low CooldownEdit

Low Cooldown: Shortens Haste's Cooldown by a moderate amount.



Haste - Greater SpeedEdit

Greater Speed: Increases the Movement Speed bonus by a moderate amount.

Level 3:Edit


Haste - Extend DurationEdit

Extend Duration: Each of your basic attacks extend Haste's duration.



Haste - Remove SlowEdit

Remove Slow: Removes any Slow debuffs on you and reduces the magnitude of future Slow effects' strength while Haste remains active.


Haste's utility can largely be divided along offensive and defensive lines.

  • Offensively Haste is a gap-closer, a way to pursue fleeing enemies or to rapidly enter battle. The Greater Speed upgrade and Extend Duration upgrade make Haste-boasting Heroes extremely hard to run away from.
  • Defensively Haste is a gap-creator, a way to escape enemies that would otherwise kill you. The Low Cooldown upgrade ensures that you will be able to flee more often, and the Remove Slow upgrade further ensures your escape by reducing the effectiveness of Slows.
  • Whether you are using Haste offensively or defensively, there are additional gameplay tweaks that you can take advantage of. Heroes under the effects of Haste ignore unit collision. This means that you can run straight through minions without slowing down while your enemies cannot. Use this subtle detail to create more distance during a desperate flight, or to catch up with clumsy or stumbling enemy Heroes. 

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