Heart of Valor
Item Information
Rarity: Uncommon Gear
Cost: 2 Gear Points
Market: [1]


Gain Armor and Magic Resistance for each enemy hero detected nearby.

Armor: + 1

Magic Resistance: + 1

Radius: 5.0

Material Required for Crafting:Edit

HeroGearRecipe-ValiantDefense-SmallIcon Recipe: Heart of Valor (x 1)

Ingredient-QuicksilverTear-SmallIcon Quicksilver Tear (x 4)

Ingredient-HydraSinew-SmallIcon Hydra Sinew (x 2)

Ingredient-BronzePlate-SmallIcon Bronze Plate (x 2)


Heroism must be born in the heart before it can be hammered into steel.


Patch History:Edit

Battleborn Axe and Heart of Valor now show the number of stacks they have in the Active Buffs Window.

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