Heartsap Amulet
Item Information
Rarity: Uncommon Gear
Cost: 1 Gear Point
Market: [1]


Health/sec: + 0.6

Gain increased passive regeneration and healing received while below 50% maximum Health.

Health/sec: + 0.6 (for a total of + 1.2 Health/sec)

Healing Received: 5%

Material Required for Crafting:Edit

HeroGearRecipe-DireRegeneration-SmallIcon Recipe: Heartsap Amulet (x 1)

Ingredient-BraidedLeather-SmallIcon Braided Leather (x 4)

Ingredient-Rivets-SmallIcon Rivets (x 4)

Ingredient-Heartwood-SmallIcon Heartwood (x 1)


The healing energies of life, gathered from death.


Patch History:Edit

Lore changed to The healing energies of life, gathered from death.
Former lore: The healing energies of the Sunken Forest, held in an iron clasp.

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