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Hero Gear (some icons obsolete)


Hero Gear is craftable from a recipe and its parts. Hero Gear may also be purchased on the Steam Market if a player is selling it. It is unavailable to purchase in the Sins of a Dark Age Shop. There is a chance that Hero Gear itself or its components/recipe can drop after a Quickplay match. Gear can be traded as well.

Hero Gear provides bonuses in-game, and each takes up one Gear Slot (out of a total of four.) Certain Gear require a specific amount of Gear Points. You gain a second Gear Point at level 6, and from there, another Gear Point every three levels up to a maximum of 10 Gear Points.

More Hero Gear will be added throughout Sins of a Dark Age's development cycle. Some Hero specific Gear has been implemented already, and more are planned!

List of Hero Gear

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