Hero kit

Hero Kit (Note: User has three Hero Kit Slots)

Hero Kits are one of the key ways that Sins of a Dark Age players can improve their abilities over time and customize their experience. As each player's account earns levels over time they will gain access to stat points and slots for special equipment (called Hero Gear) that can be applied to characters before each match. Together the stats and Hero Gear chosen form the player's Hero Kit, a great way to specialize and award experimentation.


Each time a player levels up their account they will earn one Hero Kit stat point. These stat points can be allocated on an Attribute Bar, each rank purchased providing players with a small if consistent boost that can give them an edge in battle. The following stats can all be improved.

  • Attack Power: Increases the Physical Damage dealt by basic attacks and abilities
  • Flat Armor Penetration: Increases the Armor you ignore when determining Physical Damage
  • Attack Speed: Increases the speed of basic attacks
  • Special Power: Increases the Magic Damage dealt by abilities
  • Flat Magic Penetration: Increases the Magic Resistance you ignore when determining Magic Damage
  • Cooldown Reduction: Reduces a percentage of time from your ability cooldowns
  • Max Health: Increases the amount of Health you have when at full capacity
  • Armor: Increases the Physical Damage you ignore from enemy basic attacks and abilities
  • Magic Resistance: Increases the Magic Damage you ignore from enemy abilities

A maximum of ten points can be applied to each stat. The amount each stat improves per rank purchased varies from stat to stat, as well as from rank to rank. For example, the first five ranks of Attack Power provide 1.33 Attack Power each, the next three ranks provide 1.13 Attack Power each, and the final two ranks provide 0.86 Attack Power each. These diminishing returns are indicated by / and X symbols on the Attribute Bar.

For more information, see Stat Allocation .

Hero Kit SlotEdit

See Hero Kit Slot for more information.

Hero GearEdit

Every three levels players earn one Gear Point. Their current number of Gear Points will determine what Hero Gear they can equip. Choices are further limited by the number of Gear Slots available, a maximum of four per character.

Hero Gear can be crafted using the Sins of a Dark Age crafting system, received directly as loot, or purchased on the Steam Marketplace. Some Hero Gear may be only available for a limited time, as it is tied to certain sales or in-game events. Hero Gear can vary in rarity just like skins and crafting materials. The rarer the Hero Gear, the more powerful its effects.   

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