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Hungering Blade
Item Information
Stats: + 20 Attack Power
+ 7% Life Steal
+ 200 Health
Cost: Bullets-coin.png2935 (970)
Refund: Bullets-coin.png2055
Limit: 1


Gain a stacking bonus to Attack Power, Life Steal, and maximum Health for each hero or minion killed.

Attack Power (per stack): + 0.5

Life Steal (per stack): + 0.20%

Max Health (per stack): + 4

Max stacks: 50


Only one 'Hungering Blade' Item may be equipped at once.


LongswordLongsword Bullets-coin.png920

Bracelet of VigorBracelet of Vigor Bullets-coin.png525

Leeching VialLeeching Vial Bullets-coin.png520

Transforms Into:

Orim.jpg Orim's Bloodreaver (Upon gaining Max Stacks)


A blade of forgotten power that can only be awakened by blood.

Patch History:

Attack Power reduced to 20 from 25
Life Steal reduced to 7% from 10%
Attack Power reduced to 25 from 30
No longer loses half stacks when your hero dies.
Max stacks increased to 50 from 30
Attack Power per stack reduced to 0.5 from 1 (bonus Attack Power at max stacks reduced to 25 from 30)
Life Steal per stack reduced to 0.2% from 0.27% (bonus Life Steal at max stacks increased to 10% from 8%)
Max Health per stack reduced to 4 from 5 (bonus Max Health at max stacks increased to 200 from 150)
Total cost reduced to Bullets-coin.png2935 from Bullets-coin.png3235
No longer has an active ability.
Transforms Into:
Orim.pngOrim's Bloodreaver (Upon gaining Max Stacks)
Passive changed to Lifesteal per stack: 0.267% (8% max stacks) from + 0.334% Life Steal per stack (10% Life Steal at Max Stacks)
Formerly + 30 Attack Power
Formerly lost stacks when hero died
Formerly 30 stacks
Formerly + 1 Attack Power per stack
Formerly + 30 Attack Power at Max Stacks
Formerly + 0.334% Life Steal per stack
Formerly + 10% Life Steal at Max Stacks
Formerly + 5 Health per stack
Formerly + 150 Health at Max Stacks
Formerly Bullets-coin.png3235 (1240 upgrade) and Bullets-coin.png2265 Refund Value
Formerly had Active: Deal Physical Damage equal to a percentage of the target enemy hero's maximum Health. You gain Health equal to the damage dealt.
Physical Damage: 15%
60.0 sec Cooldown
Formerly did not change into Orim's Bloodreaver at Max Stacks
Former Lore: A blade imbued with powerful hunger, granting strength to those who wield it.

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