Hunter's Spear
Item Information
Cost: Bullets-coin.png250
Refund: Bullets-coin.png175
Limit: 1

Passive:[edit | edit source]

Basic attacks and single target instant damage abilities against monsters deal bonus Physical Damage and restore Health.

Physical Damage: 15

Heal: 6

Note:[edit | edit source]

Only one 'Neutral Monster Bonus' item may be equipped at once.

Builds Into:[edit | edit source]

Nerrothfangs.jpg Nerroth's Fangs Bullets-coin.png2500

Nerrothseye.jpg Nerroth's Eye Bullets-coin.png2500

Nerrothshide.jpg Nerroth's Hide Bullets-coin.png2500

Lore:[edit | edit source]

An essential tool for any new hunter.

Patch History:[edit | edit source]

Introduced in patch 40397.

See Also:[edit | edit source]

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