Hydra Camp
Hydra cam
Unit Information
First Spawn Time: 3:00
Respawn Time: 360 seconds
Number: 1 Camp
Total Gold: Bullets-coin220 per Camp (Team wide)
Total Exp: 120 per Camp
Contains: Hydra Hydra (x 1)


The Hydra is a large and ferocious creature that rules the eastern partition that separates the northern and southern sides of the Sunken Forest. It is the sole inhabitant of the lone Hydra Camp on the map.

Buff Reward:Edit

BuffIcon-Ability-HydrasSwiftness Hydra's Swiftness:

Grants the killing hero increased Attack Speed and Movement Speed for a moderate duration.

Attack Speed: + 25%

Movement Speed: + 10%


Patch History:Edit

Broken altar added.

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