Item Guides

Item Guides are a new feature for Sins of a Dark Age, a way for advanced players to create custom builds for their favorite characters, and for less experienced players to discover which items the developers recommend buying and when, simplifying the flow of each match. 

Using the Item Guide

By default, every Hero now has an Item Guide divided into three sections: Starting Items, Essential Items and Final Build. The intent is for new players to buy the items in each section from left to right and then move on to the next section. To switch sections during a match, click on the arrows that appear to the left and the right of the Item Guide within the Shop.

Customizing the Item Guide

Advanced users can create their own Item Guides. They can rename each section, select different items and then modify the item ordering. Each Hero Kit can support one Item Guide, in the section labeled Build Template. To customize an Item Guide, go to the Profile Page, select a hero, click on the Edit Hero button, and then click Customize to the bottom right. You can reset the Item Guide at any time by clicking the Reset button.

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