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|+Lassidar's Base Stats 1-15
|+Lassidar's Base Stats 1-15

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The BoltMage

A mage who blasts his foes with the power of storms and electricity.


A longstanding member of the Mage Council, Lassidar is brilliant but often forgetful. In the Sunken Forest he seeks to prove his mastery over magic, though it is often unclear whether he controls the storm, or whether it controls him.




Every fifth attack gives Lassidar a Charge token. Abilities cast while a token is available will consume the token to have a more powerful effect.


Chain Lightning

Lassidar blasts a targeted enemy with lightning that can bounce to additional targets for reduced Magic Damage. When Charged, all targets receive full damage instead.


Static Field

Lassidar summons a static field within the targeted area. His basic attacks against enemies within the field deal extra damage. When Charged, enemies are pulled a fixed distance towards the field's center when it expires. The ability can be cast a second time to force this effect.


Thunder Clap

After a short delay, a bolt of lightning strikes down from the sky, dealing Magic Damage to enemies within the target location. When Charged, enemies are additionally stunned by the lightning bolt.



Lassidar gathers a storm in a large area around himself, granting him increased Special Power and Attack Speed. Enemies within the storm are randomly struck for Magic Damagy by bolts of lightning.


Lassidar's Base Stats 1-15
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
Magic Resistance
Resilience 0%*
Movement Speed
Attack Power
Attack Speed
Critical Strike

0.0%* (80%)*

Armor Penetration

0%* (0)*

Life Steal

0%* (0)*

Attack Range
Mana (Regen)
Special Power 0*
Cooldown Reduction 0.0%*
Magic Penetration 0%* (0)*
Spell Vamp 0%*
* denotes a static value that does not scale with level and is only affected by items, buffs, or abilities


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Lassidar's description prior to 36403 was A long standing member of the mage council, his service to the empire spans three decades. His mastery for manipulating static force is unmatched in the known world.


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