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Leaf Stinger Camp
Leaf altar.png
Unit Information
First Spawn Time: 1:10
Respawn Time: 65 seconds
Number: 2 Camps
Total Gold: Bullets-coin.png88 per Camp (initial)
Total Exp: 211.4 per Camp (initial)
Contains: Leaf scorpion.png Leaf Scorpion (x 1)

Leaf stinger.png Leaf Stinger (x 3)


Leaf Stingers are jungle monsters that resemble walking leaves with scorpion features. There are two Leaf Stinger camps on the map that each contain a Leaf Scorpion and three Leaf Stingers.

Offering Buff Reward:

BuffIcon-Ability-Creep-LeafScorpion-King-BaitBuff.jpg Sap Venom

This unit's damage dealing abilities reduce the target's Attack Speed and deal additional Magic Damage over time.

Total Magic Damage: 24 (+ 3.2 / level)

Enemy Attack Speed: - 25%

Enemy Duration: 3

Duration: 120

Granted from: Captuscorpre.jpg Dire Leaf Scorpion


Patch History:

Formerly granted Bullets-coin.png110.5 per Camp (initial) and 336.9 exp per Camp (initial)
The basic Horen Camps have been replaced with Leaf Scorpions and Leaf Stingers.
Altar added.

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