Leaf Stinger Camp
Leaf altar.png
Unit Information
First Spawn Time: 1:10
Respawn Time: 65 seconds
Number: 2 Camps
Total Gold: Bullets-coin.png88 per Camp (initial)
Total Exp: 211.4 per Camp (initial)
Contains: Leaf scorpion.png Leaf Scorpion (x 1)

Leaf stinger.png Leaf Stinger (x 3)

Description:[edit | edit source]

Leaf Stingers are jungle monsters that resemble walking leaves with scorpion features. There are two Leaf Stinger camps on the map that each contain a Leaf Scorpion and three Leaf Stingers.

Offering Buff Reward:[edit | edit source]

BuffIcon-Ability-Creep-LeafScorpion-King-BaitBuff.jpg Sap Venom

This unit's damage dealing abilities reduce the target's Attack Speed and deal additional Magic Damage over time.

Total Magic Damage: 24 (+ 3.2 / level)

Enemy Attack Speed: - 25%

Enemy Duration: 3

Duration: 120

Granted from: Captuscorpre.jpg Dire Leaf Scorpion

Screenshots:[edit | edit source]

Patch History:[edit | edit source]

Formerly granted Bullets-coin.png110.5 per Camp (initial) and 336.9 exp per Camp (initial)
The basic Horen Camps have been replaced with Leaf Scorpions and Leaf Stingers.
Altar added.

See Also:[edit | edit source]

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