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Lesser Wisp
Lesser wisp.png
Unit Information
Stats: Attack Power: 11.6 (+ 1.9 / level)
Attack Speed: 0.67
Health: 265 (+ 45 / level)
Armor: 6
Movement Speed: 2.70
Gold: Bullets-coin.png8 (+ 0.35 / level)
Experience: 30.8 (+ 1.3 / level)
Member of: Wisp camp.png Wisp Camp


Water sprites that attack with a choking spray.


Patch History:

The Horen Witch Doctor camp is now replaced with the Wisp Queen and her Lesser Wisps. The Wisp Queen has Torrent: After a short wind up, the Wisp Queen channels a jet of water in the target direction, dealing Magic Damage and Silencing enemies in its path. When killed the Wisp Queen grants Wisp Queen's Blessing: Grants the killing hero increased Mana Regeneration and Cooldown Reduction for a moderate duration.

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