Mage Staff
Item Information
Stats: + 40 Special Power
Cost: Bullets-coin900
Refund: Bullets-coin630

Builds Into:Edit

ItemIcon-NecromancersGambit-Normal Tulaan's Arcane Gambit Bullets-coin4110

ItemIcon-SoulCatcher-Normal Soul Snare Bullets-coin2700

ItemIcon-OnAbilityDamageStealMagicResistance Runethief's Spellpick Bullets-coin3450

ItemIcon-ScalarMagicArmorPenetration-Normal Defiler's Touch Bullets-coin2655

ItemIcon-MageBlade-Normal Blade of the Magi Bullets-coin3100

ItemIcon-OnAbilityDamageSlow-Normal Glacial Scepter Bullets-coin4620

ItemIcon-ArcaneDemolition-Normal Arcane Reaver Bullets-coin2940

ItemIcon-StormShield-Normal Revenguard Bullets-coin3250

ItemIcon-SpecialPowerShield Sanctus Bullets-coin3650


Mages who have been inducted into the Council are often granted their own staves.

Patch History:Edit

Price reduced to 900 (from 925)
All items building from Mage Staff have had their recipe cost increased by the difference.
Now builds into: ItemIcon-OnAbilityDamageStealMagicResistance Runethief's Spellpick Bullets-coin3450
Now Builds Into:
ItemIcon-SoulCatcher-Normal Soul Snare Bullets-coin2700
No longer Builds Into:
ItemIcon-SoulCatcher-Normal Orza's Soul Net Bullets-coin2945 (Obsolete item. Replaced with Orza Orza's Soulbinder)

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