Mandrake Carapace
Item Information
Stats: + 65 Armor
+ 6.5 Health/sec
Cost: Bullets-coin3230 (1035)
Refund: Bullets-coin2261
Limit: 1

Passive 1:Edit

Increases your passive Health Regeneration and healing received.

Health/sec: + 12%

Healing Received: + 12%

Passive 2:Edit

Gain Health Regeneration equal to a percentage of your maximum Health.

Health/sec: + 0.2%


ItemIcon-BasicPhysicalArmorLarge-Normal Mail Armor Bullets-coin950

Healboost Faeweave Torc Bullets-coin820

ItemIcon-DesperateSavior-Normal Mending Amulet Bullets-coin425


Armor grown from the trees, overflowing with the energies of life.

Patch History:Edit

Recipe changed to Mail Armor + Faeweave Torc + Mending Amulet + 865 gold from Mail Armor + 2x Mending Amulet + 1065 gold
Total cost increased to 3230 gold from 3105 gold
Now grants 12% Healing Received

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