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An important message about the future of Sins of a Dark Age

  • Be sure to check out the newest Developer Blog by Fyst here and the newest patch notes here!
  • The Shop Items page has been overhauled. If you see an error, feel free to make a comment or make fun of the Veric that messed it up.
  • If you do want to volunteer with the wiki, it's best to ask Mannythevericking first before making any major changes, as he is the most knowledgeable veric in terms of which pages need help and which don't. Do not be surprised if he makes edits and changes to a page immediately!
  • Crafting Material, Recipes, and Hero Gear pages should all be complete content-wise. There may be some errors! If you see an error on a locked page, just post a comment or alert an admin (such as Mannythevericking), and a veric will fix it asap!
  • Because this wiki is intended to be accessed from the Sins of a Dark Age client, it is not optimized for mobile platforms. While most pages are universal, some may look odd when viewed via the mobile site. If you find such a page or have feedback on its layout, feel free to make a comment, and adjustments may be made to better suit the mobile view.
  • The verics shall rise again! Death to Wood Imps!


  • Posting spam or nonsensical edits will have repercussions. Moderators have the right to block any user who they believe are spamming or trolling the wiki. Any offensive or nonsensical posts, edits, or comments will be deleted.
  • Moderators have the right to lock any page that can be accessed in-game or any page they believe is "done" and needs no further editing. Moderators also have the right to edit any content to match an existing layout. They will try their best to include any new user submitted content into the existing page and conform it as well as they can to the previous content.
  • Please refrain from posting any datamined or unreleased content to the wiki. Moderators have the right to remove any content such as unrevealed features and other confidential material. As to not spoil the story of Sins of a Dark Age, lore pages or descriptions that are not approved by Ironclad will be removed.
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