Mending Amulet
Item Information
Stats: + 3.0 Health/sec
Cost: Bullets-coin425
Refund: Bullets-coin298

Builds Into:Edit

Healboost Faeweave Torc Bullets-coin820

ItemIcon-MandrakeCarapace-Normal Mandrake Carapace Bullets-coin3230


The heartsap of an ancient tree imbues this amulet with healing magic.

Patch History:Edit

Cost reduced to 425 from 495
All items building from Mending Amulet have had their recipe cost increased by the difference.
No longer builds into: ItemIcon-GroveKeepersMantle-Normal Grove Keeper's Mantle Bullets-coin2690
Now builds into: Healboost Faeweave Torc Bullets-coin820

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