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Seek out and capture forbidden sarcophagi to unleash the souls of the necromancers bound within. The first team to gather the energies needed will shatter the veil between life and death, summoning undead servants.

Time Limit: 10:00 minutes

Buffs: N/A

Special Units: N/A

Pickups: Necromancer Sarcophagus

Misc. Bonuses: 80 gold and 100 experience points per captured Sarcophagus


Gold: 150

Item: Necromancer's Urn


  • Each time the quest begins the sarcophagi are distributed randomly across the map. Four appear in the jungle replacing existing creep camps, two to the north and two to the south. The last sarcophagus is placed in neutral territory, either on the plateaus above top and bottom lane, or in the Dragon camp.
  • In most cases, your team will already have control of the jungle closest to your base. Therefore, it is most important to capture the sarcophagus that spawns in neutral territory. You can capture sarcophagi by right clicking them. You can interrupt Heroes who are capturing a sarcophagus by dealing ability or basic attack damage.
  • The more sarcophagi you have captured, the faster you will earn the energies needed to complete the Quest. If both teams control sarcophagi they will both earn these energies, though depending on the number they control they may earn the energies at different rates.
  • This means that if the enemy team is about to win the Quest, it is not enough to merely control more sarcophagi than they do. You will need to neutralize the sarcophagi under their control by capturing it yourself. Sarcophagi under your control appear as green icons on the map. Enemy-controlled sarcophagi appear in red. Neutral sarcophagi are yellow.
  • As with all Quests, it is best to keep the enemy guessing as to where you are and what your team is doing. Consider abandoning the lanes or at least stepping into Brush to conceal your position. If you have enough vision to observe how the enemy reacts, you may be able to set up a devastating ambush or flanking maneuver.