Nerroth's Fangs
Item Information
Stats: Attack Power: + 35
Life Steal: + 15
Cost: Bullets-coin2500 (480)
Refund: Bullets-coin1750
Limit: 1

Passive 1:Edit

Basic attacks and single target instant damage abilities against monsters deal bonus Physical Damage and restore Health.

Physical Damage: 25

Heal: 10

Passive 2:Edit

Every two basic attacks you will deal bonus Physical Damage to enemy heroes, monsters, and minions. This bonus damage is doubled against monsters and also restores an additional amount of Health.

Attacks to Trigger: 2

Physical Damage: 30

Heal: 20


Only one 'Neutral Monster Bonus' item may be equipped at once.


JungleBase Hunter's Spear Bullets-coin250

ItemIcon-PendulumAxe-Normal Pendulum Axe Bullets-coin1250

ItemIcon-BasicAttackAdditiveDamageVamp-Normal Leeching Vial Bullets-coin520


The king of beasts, Nerroth once prowled the wilds of the divine realm.

Patch History:Edit

Introduced in Patch 40397.

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