Nightfall Ziri
Item Information
Rarity: Rare Skin
Cost: $5.99 ($8.99)
Part of: Good-Bundle-KnifeNinja-LaunchSkins-Icon Ziri Skins Bundle

Crafting Components:

Good-HeroSkinRecipe-KnifeNinja-Shadow-Icon Recipe: Nightfall Ziri (x 1)

Ingredient-LeatherStrap-SmallIcon Leather Strap (x 7)

Ingredient-CottonThread-SmallIcon Cotton Thread (x 6)

Ingredient-ShadowStone-SmallIcon Shadow Stone (x 4)

Good-Ingredient-ThrowingKnives-Icon Throwing Knives (x 2)


The Shadow are champions of the poor, wearing their own noble armor.

Unique Notes:

Nightfall Ziri can be purchased individually for $5.99 or as part of the Good-Bundle-KnifeNinja-LaunchSkins-Icon Ziri Skins Bundle for $8.99.


Patch History:

Added Hero Trait screenshot
Added Nightfall Ziri

See Also:

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