Offering is a jungle-based glyph that helps players earn levels and gold faster by spawning additional enemies that grant unique buffs.


Active: Place an offering at a valid camp's altar to summon empowered monsters. Kill the Large monster after it respawns to earn a buff that varies per monster type.

Passive: Killing the Large monster grants additional gold and restores Health and Mana.

Passive: Your abilities and basic attacks deal bonus damage to neutral monsters.


Level 2:Edit


Offering - Increased GoldEdit

Increased Gold: Earn 10 additional gold per buff-granting monster killed.



Offering - Increased Buff DurationEdit

Increased Buff Duration: Buffs from neutral monsters have an increased duration.

Level 3:Edit


Offering - Strong Beast BuffsEdit

Strong Beast Buffs: Dagger Tusks and Verics grant an improved buff.



Offering - Strong Plant BuffsEdit

Strong Plant Buffs: Wood Imps and Leaf Scorpions grant an improved buff.


Offering is more of a risk than Slaughter but it can also offer a greater reward. Between the additional gold, experience, and buffs that are earned from killing empowered monsters, heroes can quickly level up, buy items, and wreak havoc on the enemies in lane.

  • Between Offering and JungleBase Hunter's Spear, many heroes are viable in SoaDA's jungle that wouldn't be otherwise. Experiment with unconventional picks like HeroCloseupLarge-BoltMage-Default-Normal Lassidar,
    HeroCloseupLarge-Crossbowman-Default-Normal Torrace, or HeroCloseupLarge-MageSlayer-Default-Normal Xeros.
  • Knowing which buff to earn and when is key to making optimal use of Offering. The Dagger Tusk buff can help keep vision on the jungle during quests. The Wood Imp buff provides tanks with free Armor for a limited time. The Veric buff can help basic attack focused heroes deal additional damage. Finally, the Leaf Stinger buff makes multi-target abilities especially devastating.
  • The Increased Gold upgrade will provide 100-200 additional gold in a typical match. Carefully weigh how much you need this income, as you will be sacrificing 5-10 minutes of buff time.
  • Offering does not provide direct help against Epic neutral monsters. If you see QuestIcon-KillDragon-Normal Slay the Dragon or QuestIcon-TrollBridgeTreasure-Normal Troll's Treasure on the quest list, ItemIcon-Glyph-Slaughter-Normal Slaughter may be the better choice.
  • Anyone who kills the Large empowered monster can steal Offering's buff. However, the buff does not transfer upon death.

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