Details[edit | edit source]

It is said that the path to heaven lies open for those who partake of the forest's holy waters. Escort your Ascension candidate to these divine wellsprings while slowing the enemy's candidate, attacking them and blocking their path.

Time Limit: 8:00 minutes

Buffs: Ascension Candidate

Special Units: N/A

Pickups: Divine Chalice

Misc. Bonuses: 50 gold and 80 experience points per Ascension checkpoint captured

Reward[edit | edit source]

Gold: 150

Items: Ascendant's Chalice, Amulet of Ascension

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • There may only be one Ascension Candidate per team, and they will remain the candidate even upon death. Before picking up the chalice weigh both your chances of successfully completing the quest as well as who will most benefit from the Ascendant's Chalice. 
  • There are seven checkpoints or wellsprings that Ascension Candidates must visit, each marked with green icons on the map. The enemies' checkpoints are marked in red, and the active checkpoints for both teams flash.
  • Icons on the map that aren't flashing are the checkpoints that each team will need to visit next. Since you can see them before they are active it should be possible to plan ahead, setting up ambushes and rotating your team's position across the map.  
  • When channeling power from a checkpoint, Ascension Candidates are vulnerable. Damaging them with abilities or basic attacks will prevent them from completing the checkpoint. Even if you aren't able to outright kill an Ascension Candidate, you can still use this as a delaying tactic. Skillshots and damage over time abilities are especially useful in this scenario.
  • After the quest, you can tell which ally or enemy has ascended by looking for a tell-tale glow.
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