Pendulum Axe
Item Information
Stats: + 20 Attack Power
Cost: Bullets-coin1250 (330)
Refund: Bullets-coin875
Limit: 1


Every two basic attacks you will deal extra Physical Damage to enemy heroes, monsters, and minions.

Physical Damage: 25

Attacks to Trigger: 2


ItemIcon-BasicAttackPowerSmall-Normal Short Sword Bullets-coin460

ItemIcon-BasicAttackPowerSmall-Normal Short Sword Bullets-coin460

Builds Into:Edit

ItemIcon-EarthshakerMaul-Normal Earthshaker Maul Bullets-coin3730

ItemIcon-DoomPendulum-Normal Doom Pendulum Bullets-coin3975

Nerrothfangs Nerroth's Fangs Bullets-coin2500


Momentum carries this axe from one strike to the next.

Patch History:Edit

Recipe changed to Shortsword + Shortsword + Bullets-coin330 from Shortsword + Leather Armor + Bullets-coin330 (total cost increased to Bullets-coin1250 from Bullets-coin1130)
Attack Power increased to 20 from 15
No longer grants Armor
Passive now deals 25 Physical Damage to enemy heroes and minions every 2 attacks instead of 200 damage to minions every 4 attacks.
Now builds into
Nerrothfangs Nerroth's Fangs Bullets-coin2500
Former Components:
ItemIcon-BasicAttackPowerSmall-Normal Shortsword Bullets-coin460
ItemIcon-Stalwart-Normal Leather Armor Bullets-coin340
Former Cost: Bullets-coin1130
Former Refund Value: Bullets-coin791
Formerly +15 Attack Power
Formerly +25 Armor
Former Passive: Every four basic attacks you will deal extra Magic Damage to minions and monsters.
Magic Damage: 200
Attacks to Trigger: 4

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