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==Material Required for Crafting:==
==Material Required for Crafting:==
[[Recipe: Poisonbriar Talisman|<span style="color:#7a9300;">Recipe: Poisonbriar Talisman</span>]] (x 1)
[[Leather Strap]]
[[Stinging Vines]]
[[Caustic Venom]]

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Poisonbriar Talisman
Item Information
Rarity: Rare Gear
Cost: 3 Gear Points
Usable by: HeroCloseupLarge-GreenMan-Default-Normal.jpg Serewyn
Market: [1]


Enemies hit by Serewyn's Thorn Barrage take additional Magic Damage over time.

Total Magic Damage: 26 -> 75 (+ 23% of your Special Power)

Duration: 2

Ability Scaling Stats:

Expand to See Thorn Barrage Stat Breakdown
Total Magic Damage: 26
Total Magic Damage: 43
Total Magic Damage: 59
Total Magic Damage: 75

Material Required for Crafting:

Recipe: Poisonbriar Talisman (x 1)

Leather Strap

Stinging Vines

Caustic Venom


Poisonbriar spreads where the forest has been bathed in blood.

Patch History:

Added Poisonbriar Talisman

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