Portal is a traversal glyph that functions like a free ItemIcon-PortalScroll-Normal.jpg Portal Scroll, allowing players to teleport to friendly locations and units across the map. 


After a short delay, you are transported to targeted friendly minion, structure or ward.


Level 2:


Portal - Low Cooldown

Low Cooldown: Shortens Portal's Cooldown by a moderate amount.



Portal - Fast Channel

Fast Channel: Significantly reduces the delay before you are transported.

Level 3:


Portal - Structure Shield

Structure Shield: Upon arrival, you grant a damage absorbing shield to the nearest allied Structure, if there is a Structure near your destination.



Portal - Minion Strength

Minion Strength: Upon arrival, gain an aura that grants nearby allied Minions a bonus to Movement Speed and Attack Power for a moderate duration.


No matter how you upgrade the Portal glyph, the result is that you'll be able to rapidly move from one place to another. The question is, why?

  • If you've chosen Portal as a way to quickly get back to the lane after returning to your Keep to heal and buy items, you'll probably want to purchase the Low Cooldown upgrade, ensuring that you can do so more often.
  • If you've chosen Portal as a way to surprise enemy Heroes and appear in their midst, you'll want to choose Fast Channel, which not only reduces the amount of time it takes you to appear beside the enemy but also the time you're vulnerable channeling the glyph.  
  • The level 3 upgrade you choose should largely be determined by the state of your match. If your team is winning and pushing towers, choose the Minion Strength upgrade—you'll do both even better. If you're constantly under siege and your Rune Stones are being threatened, choose Structure Shield to aid in your defense.
  • The Portal glyph has much more utility than the Portal Scroll consumable. While Portal Scrolls work only with structures (effectively becoming usesless once your Outer Towers are breached), the Portal glyph can also transport you to minions and wards. A particularly nasty late-game trick is to place a ward within the enemy base, then retreat to shop, complete a quest, etc. If the enemy overextends themselves to counter your movements you can teleport directly into their base, wreaking havoc. You can also hide wards within Brush to aid in ganks.
  • Like the Recall spell, the Portal glyph needs to be channeled before you will be transported. This means that moving or attacking will cancel the effect. Being damaged by enemy Heroes can do the same. Only attempt to use the glyph when you're relatively certain that you won't be attacked.

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