Adapt your strategy as each adventure includes a series of tide-turning Quests. Fend off swarms of plague infected vermin, resurrect the undead, steal a Troll's treasure, or feed and raise a powerful Gryphon! Complete quests to earn unique advantages that you can use to crush your enemies! 

Quest HUD:

The Quest HUD will be visible at the top of the screen during a Siege type game mode such as 5v5 or 5 vs Ai. It shows the upcoming three Quests and a blue bar that counts down to the next Quest. Mousing over any part of the Quest HUD will bring up a tooltip with more information.

Quest hud.png

Quest victories will appear as gold icons.

Quest win.png

Quest losses will appear as a cracked red icon.

Quest loss.png

If neither team succeeds in completing a Quest, there will be a draw which can be seen with a silver icon.

Quest draw.png

Quest List:

QuestIcon-KillLaneTowers-Normal.jpg Tower Siege


Set siege to the enemy towers! The first team to destroy a tower will earn a powerful reward. Optional: Kill wood imps in the forest to gather wood materials needed to build an Advanced Catapult, which helps with long range siege.


For completing tower siege quest the entire team will be rewarded with one quest point as well as an extra ability that disables a tower for a short period of time.

QuestIcon-VericPlague-Normal.jpg The Veric Plague


Seek out and exterminate infected verics located within two large bushes in the forest, gathering their pelts to deploy a plague against your enemies. You can also kill enemy heroes to steal a third of their collected pelts.


For completing the veric plague quest the entire team will be rewarded with one quest point as well a passive on-hit damage dealt to heroes, neutral monsters, and enemy armies.

QuestIcon-TrollBridgeTreasure-Normal.jpg Troll's Treasure


An ornery troll has stolen a merchant's goods, escaping with a chest to a nearby cave. Defeat him and carry the treasure back to the merchant safely. The hero carrying the heavy treasure has a heavy movement speed reduction and needs to be guarded, if killed enemy team may have the opportunity to recover the treasure for themselves.


For completing the Troll's Treasure quest the entire team will be rewarded with one quest point as well as a large amount (500 gold each) of gold and experience.

QuestIcon-KillDragon-Normal.jpg Slay the Dragon


Recruit Dragon Slayers from the shadow of your Keep, and head to Valkryn's Watch to defeat the mighty wyrm within. Beware of the great strength of the dragon for defending yourself from the dragon and the enemy team is your goal in this quest.


For slaying the dragon the entire team will be rewarded with one quest point as well as a buff that grants increased stats and a passive that creates a burst of fire on every fourth basic attack

QuestIcon-KingOfTheHillDragonDen-Normal.jpg Valkryn's Watch


Outnumber enemy heroes within Valkryn's Watch to earn control points for your team. The team that reaches the point threshold first will win the allegiance of the valkryn.


For completing the Valkryn's Watch quest the entire team will be rewarded with one quest point as well as an active ability to send a flying ward out to scout for a short time period.

QuestIcon-VIPEscort-Normal.jpg Path to Ascension


It is said that the path to heaven lies open for those who partake of the forest's holy waters. Escort your Ascension candidate to these divine wellsprings while slowing the enemy's candidate, attacking them and blocking their path.


For bringing all quest the entire team will be rewarded with one quest point as well as the candidate that ascends will gain a very large buff that also affects allies within close proximity.

QuestIcon-Necromancer-Normal.jpg Necromancer's Bargain


Seek out and capture forbidden sarcophagi to unleash the souls of the necromancers bound within. Teams must have a majority of the sarcophagi to gain points faster their opponent. The first team to gather the energies needed will shatter the veil between life and death.


The reward for having gathered the energies firs will summon undead servants from the slaughtered enemy army and the team will receive one quest point.

QuestIcon-HeavenEscort-Default.png Divine Lost Army


Claim a beacon located in your base and lead a spectral commander to the gate between realms, so he may summon the Divine Lost Army - a legion that once fought for the gods before they disappeared, and the heavens themselves were shattered.  These commanders may be delayed by either killing your opponent leading them or by depleting their life force requiring them to rest.


For completing the Divine Lost Army quest the entire team will be rewarded with one quest point as summoning priests, nuns, and vicars to heal you and your army as they push towards your opponents base (mid lane).

QuestIcon-RaiseGryphon-Default.png Raise Your Gryphon


Hunt rabbits and deer in the forest to feed your gryphon hatchling and grow it to maturity.  while hunting these creatures you my also hunt your foe. Killing an enemy will discard any meat gathered for your gryphon.


Once mature, your griffin will take flight and join the soldiers marching from your Keep, bottom lane, pushing towards the opponents base.  Your team will also gain one quest point for completing this task.

Adventurer's Bounty:

Each Quest win gives your team permanent bonuses known as the Adventurer's Bounty. Do more damage, move more quickly, and give an aura that buffs nearby allies! The bonuses get better the more Quests you win!

Adventurer Items:

Some Shop Items also get more powerful the more Quests you win.

Adventurer's Bow Adventurer's Bow

Gives you more Attack Power and Critical Strike Chance per Quest win.

Adventurer's Helm Adventurer's Helm

Gives you more Health and Health Regeneration per Quest win.

Adventurer's Staff Adventurer's Staff

Gives you more Special Power and Magic Penetration per Quest win.

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