The Midwife of Suffering

A ravenous insect-like creature hailing from a subterranean realm beneath the deserts. She can spawn an army of Cavernlings to do her bidding.


Rachna's excels as a jungler. Letting her minions take the damage from the jungle creeps means that Rachna has infinite sustain. Her ganks are potent, too, albeit not as strong as Grugg's or Beroth's - not until she reaches level 6. When ganking, her slow-moving w is relatively easy to avoid - if possible, use it after one of your teammates disables or slows your target.

In lane, she is best against a melee champion; as a hero requiring no mana, she will be able to bully the enemy with her spammable q with little retaliation from her oponent. Against a ranged opponent, however, she will have to play defensively, because she has no gap closers to help her bully a ranged oponent.

Rachna's gameplay revolves primarily around her spiderlings, and as such managing them is a key ability to acquire. When low on spiderlings, if you do not cast your spells in the right order - or the proper spells, for that matter - it may cost her her life.

Thanks to her w, Rachna is very effective at duelling physical dps heroes by greatly reducing their attack speed in early to mid game. In a teamfight, Rachna should therefore usually use her ultimate on said dps heroes, followed by a w to their face to virtually nullify their contribution in a fight. Late game, she will usually not be able to solo a physical dps, because he will outsustain her with his life steal.

Unless forced to, she should avoid AOE mages like Atasha or Lord Dekain, who melt away her spiderlings, therefore greatly reducing her effectiveness in team fights. She also is less effective against mages in general, as mages rely less on attack speed

Her q deals magic damage based on max health, and is therefore a helpful measure to deal with those pesky tanks.


Passive: Prolific Horror: Rachna periodically spawns a Cavernling beside her, up to her maximum spawn count. Additionally, when nearby enemy minions and heroes die there is a chance a Cavernling will spawn from their corpse.

Q: Unwilling Host: Rachna injects a Cavernling larva into her target, dealing Magic Damage over time to heroes equal to their maximum Health, or flat damage to minions. A Cavernling is spawned after a short delay. If Rachna can sacrifice a Cavernling to use this ability, she deals extra damage and grants vision of the target (they cannot enter Stealth).

W: Scuttling Nightmares: Rachna sends a Cavernling in the target direction. If it collides with an enemy it explodes, dealing Magic Damage in a radius. Affected enemies have reduced Movement and Attack Speed for a short duration.

E: Larval Feast: Rachna consumes target Cavernling to recover Health, granting half the amount to nearby allies. Spawning new Cavernlings partially refreshes the ability's cooldown.

R: Terror from Below: Rachna dives into the ground with all of her Cavernlings and bursts out at the targeted area, dealing Magic Damage and knocking up all enemies within range.

Default Rachna

Bloodborn Rachna

Marrowhaunt Rachna

Rachna Abilities

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