Details[edit | edit source]

Hunt creatures in the jungle to feed your gryphon hatchling and grow it to maturity. Once mature, it will take flight and join the soldiers marching from your Keep.

Time Limit: 8:00 minutes

Buffs: Reveal Critters

Special Units: Sylvanhoof Stag, Hoarfrost Hare, Gryphon Fledgling

Pickups: Critter Meat

Misc. Bonuses: 3 gold and 5 experience points per Gryphon Food delivered

Reward[edit | edit source]

Gold: 125

Item: N/A

Misc: A Gryphon lands at the Keep and attacks along the bottom lane. He will not begin his assault until he has minions to support him.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • The Gryphon is a picky eater and will only consume Sylvanhoof Stags and Hoarfrost Hares, quest-specific creatures that can be found throughout the jungle. 
  • Hoarfrost Hares are worth 1 Gryphon Food each, and Sylvanhoof Stags 6. You can only carry a maximum of 25 Gryphon Food at one time. Any Stags or Hares slain while you have 25 Gryphon Food will create Gryphon Food pickups on the ground which can be acquired by your allies or enemies.
  • You will also drop all of your Gryphon Food upon death, creating Critter Meat pickups. They appear as yellow dots on the minimap, but only when there is vision from nearby wards, towers, Heroes, or minions.
  • Hoarfrost Hares and Sylvanhoof Stags roam throughout the jungle. At times it can be hard to locate them to complete the quest. Consider purchasing Vision Wards and placing them near the Brush where verics spawn during the "Veric Plague" Quest. Stags and Hares tend to congregate here and with vision they will appear as gray dots on your minimap.
  • Do not leave this Quest to your Jungler. There isn't enough time for one person to track down all of the Stags and Hares, kill them, visit the Gryphon, then repeat. You will most likely run out of time and the Quest will expire.
  • While moving through the jungle, keep an eye on your minimap as well as your surroundings. You might notice something on one that you miss on the other. Consider Attack-Moving (Shift + Right Click) as well. You will automatically attack any Stags or Hares that stumble upon your path, even if you do not see them yourself.
  • Gryphon Food that has been acquired but not fed to the Gryphon appears gray in the bar that tracks each team's Quest progress. Gryphon Food that has been fed to the Gryphon appears green. If you see that the enemy team has a high proportion of gray on their progress bar, consider hunting Heroes instead of Stags and Hares.
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