Refuge is a defensive glyph that can heal heroes and make them immune to damage, though while it is active they will be unable move or to act.


Encase yourself in a protective field. You become untargetable and immune to damage, but cannot move, attack, or use abilities. While inside you restore Health over time.


Level 2:

Low Cooldown: Shortens Refuge's cooldown by a moderate amount.


Greater Heal: Refuge heals for a greater amount.

Level 3:

DAMAGE BURST: When the Refuge effect ends, a shockwave is emitted that deals Magic Damage to nearby enemies.


RADIUS PULSE: When the Refuge effect ends, a shockwave is emitted that pushes back nearby enemies.


Refuge is one of the strongest defensive glyphs in the game. A low health bar can make many players aggressive. If you pop Refuge at just the right moment you will thwart their easy kill and leave them overextended.

  • Refuge can be used as an initiation tool on champions like Lithoron or Lassidar. Activate their ultimate ability in the middle of the enemy ranks, then trigger Refuge if needed. The ability will continue to do damage, and the enemies won't be able to fight back.
  • Serewyn can heal to full using Refuge in combination with his ultimate ability, as can Beroth.
  • Refuge is more difficult to use effectively than Bulwark, since it takes control out of your hands and gives enemy players a chance to react. Try to get a feel for situations where using it won't make a difference - it's normally at its most effective when allies are nearby.
  • Use Refuge in combination with defensive items like Sanctus to throw enemies off when they attempt to "all in" you (again). You can also use it strategically to give yourself a few seconds for an ability to cool down, if a duel is close.
  • Using Refuge will cause towers to de-aggro from your hero. If a tower dive goes wrong, this could either help (perhaps the tower is about to kill you), or it could hurt (losing the tower's aggro means that it attacks another ally, which could lead to their death).
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