It's possible some players are new, have a lag or performance issues, or there may be a language barrier. But in some cases, there is overwhelming evidence that a user is doing something suspicious or automated. Such overwhelming evidence may include: not purchasing items, glyphs, and/or abilities for multiple games, exploiting the movement system to prevent AFK detection, reliably and deliberately crashing the game for a player's benefit or amusement, or farming post-game rewards in an automated, accelerated, unintended or artificial manner

If you see any of this exploitative behavior, Vice the player using the thumbs down buttons at the post game lobby.

If a player continues to receive rewards after being viced for multiple games, be sure to alert a pink colored Moderator (not a Developer or Community Contributor) with the user's name and the gameID in which the suspicious behavior occurred.

If you are a new player that has been unfairly viced, you can make an appeal when you receive your Vice level. To check the status of your appeal, enter General Chat and right click a pink colored Moderator's name and send them a message.


Note: Any naming and shaming or public branding of suspected bots will be deleted from this page. It's best to leave it to the Vice system and the in-game moderation team to resolve these issues.

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