Item Information
Stats: + 25 Attack Power
+ 40 Magic Resistance
+ 40% Attack Speed
Cost: Bullets-coin3770 (875)
Refund: Bullets-coin2639
Limit: 1


Gain a shield that absorbs Magic Damage for a short duration. Your next few basic attacks will partially replenish the shield and extend its duration.

Magic Damage Shield: 350

Duration: 5

Max Stacks: 5

Shield per Stack: 40

Duration (per stack): 1

Cooldown: 60.0


Only one 'Magic Damage Shield' item may be equipped at once.


ItemIcon-MagicDamageShieldSword-Normal Runic Sword Bullets-coin1445

ItemIcon-BasicAttackCooldownRateLarge-Normal Rapier Bullets-coin1450


This glove can block powerful spells.

Patch History:Edit

Lore changed from Once used by a famous duelist, this glove can block powerful spells. to This glove can block powerful spells.
Changed for 38158: Active's stacking shield from basic attacks now increases the current and max shield rather than just replenishing lost shield (i.e. the shield now always gets stronger when you attack until max stacks instead of only doing so if the shield had taken damage).
Stats changed to:
+ 25 Attack Power from + 20 Attack Power
+ 40 Magic Resistance from + 35 Magic Resistance
Magic Damage Shield: 350 from Magic Damage Shield: 400

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