Sentry is a support glyph that helps players maintain vision of nearby Brush, the jungle, and their general surroundings.


Active: Place an untargetable Sentry spirit at target location, granting vision within a radius. After a short delay, the spirit will become active and will chase after an enemy hero if they approach.

Upon reaching the hero the spirit will haunt them, granting vision of that hero for a short duration.


Level 2:Edit


Sentry - Long Casting RangeEdit

Long Casting Range: Increases the Sentry placement range.



Sentry - Increased Vision DurationEdit

Increased Vision Duration: Increases the amount of time enemy players are revealed.

Level 3:Edit


Sentry - Stealth DetectionEdit

Stealth Detection: Sentry spirits now reveal Stealthed wards and units in the area.



Sentry - Multiple SentriesEdit

Multiple Sentries: You may now place a second Sentry spirit within a short duration of placing the first.


Sentry spirits are essentially free wards. They're more limited than wards (only providing vision for a few seconds once triggered, and on a single hero), but they can prove quite effective if used strategically.

  • If you place Sentries in Brush enemies are more likely to blunder over them. They can gain Stealth just like heroes and minions.
  • Sentries last for a much shorter duration than wards, but unlike wards they're free, and individual Sentries actually last longer than the glyph's cooldown. In other words, if the glyph is active, you should probably put a Sentry somewhere! Even if you're planning to leave the area, you'll get another chance soon.
  • If your team is not on voice chat, try to ping where you will place or have already placed a Sentry. Nearby allies will often be so focused on last-hitting that they might not even notice that it's there!
  • Pay attention if or when you get ganked. Try to analyze where the enemy came from, and their likely path through the jungle. Start putting Sentries there, and you may end the next gank before it even begins!
  • Although Sentries are available in Duel mode, the limited gank paths and hiding places make it a less useful choice. Consider buying wards instead. They will let you attack enemies who hide within Brush, and provide constant vision.

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