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For the Shadow Stone Crafting Material, see: Ingredient-ShadowStone-SmallIcon.png Shadow Stone.

Shadow Stone (Shop Item)
Item Information
Stats: + 40 Special Power
+ 15% Spell Vamp
Cost: Bullets-coin.png1425 (525)
Refund: Bullets-coin.png998
Limit: 1


Apprentice Wand Apprentice Wand Bullets-coin.png450

Apprentice Wand Apprentice Wand Bullets-coin.png450

Builds Into:

Arcane Reaver Arcane Reaver Bullets-coin.png2940

Cultist Pact Cultist Pact Bullets-coin.png3070


Onyx orbs found in the ruins of ancient kingdoms, said to reflect the chaos of their final days.

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