Shadowwalker Xeros
Item Information
Rarity: Rare Skin
Cost: $5.99

Crafting Components:

HeroSkinRecipe-MageSlayer-Ring-SmallIcon Recipe: Shadowwalker Xeros (x 1)

Ingredient-SandshipSail-SmallIcon Sandship Sail (x 4)

Ingredient-Moonbloom-SmallIcon Moonbloom (x 4)

Ingredient-FireboarsPitch-SmallIcon Fireboar's Pitch (x 4)

Ingredient-BacralSkin-SmallIcon Bacral Skin (x 6)

Ingredient-BarbedThread-SmallIcon Barbed Thread (x 3)


Before he was sent to spy on the Dominion of Vandavar, Xeros wore the mantle of an Imperial scout.

Unique Notes:


Patch History:

Added new painting and UI artwork.
Added Hero Trait screenshot

See Also:

HeroCloseupLarge-MageSlayer-Default-Normal Xeros (Hero Overview)

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